Weird N Wonderful Tales

Meet the animals of our Weird N Wonderful tales, all of these tales are based on real life animals from Weird N Wonderful Animal Education ltd, from Raccoons and foxes to tortoises and owls theres a tale for everyone, follow these magical animals on their adventures, a donation from each of our Weird N Wonderful Tales is made directly to Gentleshaw Wildlife Cente based in Eccelshall, and the stars of these stories are available to meet.


Sox and Pals is the cheeky story of Sox the raccoon and his best friend Nicky,

follow his adventure and see what mischief he gets up to!!!


Bubus Hoot follows the journey of Bubu, the poor owl without a hoot,

travel with Bubu as he journeys to find his hoot and what he learns along the way


Meet Dixy Scamp and Flo, Three happy energetic foxes full of fun and love,

get to know each one and how they live happily together

Meet Lumpy, Bumpy, Grumpy and Stumpy, Four adventurous tortoises off to explore, Where will they go and what will they find, will they find their way back home safely? Join them on their adventure

Follow Matilda as she explores and tries to find her way home, I wonder who she might meet on the way?


  • Flap
  • Matilda
  • and many many more …