Wow! I’ve just realised how long its been since my last blog and just how much has happened since then. What a whirlwind! Still not sure if anyone reads this but I find it a great way of reflecting. Theorist David Kolb came up with a learning theory, called Kolbs cycle funnily enough, it tells us that about the cycle that the brain takes when learning, we plan, we act, we observe, we reflect and then we start all over again, and I think my blog is a useful way for me to do this (without talking to myself out loud)

When I last posted I was nervously preparing for the launch of my new book Murphy and The Monsters, and looking back I hadn’t imagined just how much can happen in such a short space of time. Thank you to Waterstones Birmingham and their fantastic team for all the support in making the launch such a phenomenal event. And thank you to all the amazing family and friends I have that helped it to happen (you know who you are!)

I had hoped to get 30-40 people to come, share some cake have some games and listen to my story so you can imagine my shock when well over a 100 people turned up to the children’s section of Waterstones, that was so packed you could hardly moved, to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. To then be told that you had more people turn up to your launch that someĀ famous children’s authors, well that just left me a little bit emotional.

We had cake (we ran out of cake, even though i’d bought nearly 100 cupcakes and 3 extremely large cakes as well hehe) we had facepainting, animals and arts and crafts, as well as listening to my new book and meeting my newest character the very cheeky Yoshi the Yeti. I hope I’m right in saying that everyone had fun and I’m so grateful for everyone that attended. We sold over 100 copies in that first week alone! I couldn’t believe it. After the book launch we visited lots of wonderful libraries to meet some wonderful young readers during the half term madness.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Then came World Book Day, which I think should actually be renamed World Book Week, 7 visits in 5 days, in 3 cities, with a very naughty monster and what fun we had. Working with so many people including Beyond Books Media, Write Blend bookshop and illustrator Holly Bushnell to name a few. We even got to work at the same school as world famous author Joseph Delaney (although I did have to tell Yoshi to stop trying to steal Josephs books – he’s a big fan)

You’d think after all that fun it would be time to stop, nope. Of course not, where would the fun be in that, I had the pleasure of being invited to take part in the amazing Bournville Book Festival in Birmingham, a beautiful event running over 10 days with some amazing names on the line up including the fantastic Nick Cope to name one. I had so much fun šŸ™‚ 4 sessions over two dates with lots and lots of enthusiastic little readers and a very cheeky raccoon. Who could ask for more?

Well I can definitely say I’m ready for a few days off before starting some more fun. The rest of the year holds so many opportunities and adventures and I can’t wait to dive into each and every one of them. I’ve kindly been invited to visit several more Waterstones stores with my naughty monster, I’ll be invading the National Pet Show again this year and I’m even attending my first conventions too as a guest, just to name a few. And the year is still young so who knows what other adventures this year could hold.

It’s given me so many ideas for my writing I just can’t wait to get running at it!