I see people talk about writing, where they write and fitting in writing where they can. I dont know whether they can just turn on writing like pulling on a light switch, but for me I can’t. I mean I can write words on a page, but for my words to really flow and me to feel that buzz of writing and creating something new that I’m proud of it cant just be done anywhere at anytime, something that annoys me greatly.


Mornings – Writing in the morning is a big no no for me. A natural night owl, who tends to melt at the thought of pulling myself from my pit, I struggle with the basic concepts of walking, talking and feeding small children let alone writing.

Writing on the go – The time I’d love to write the most, when all my ideas come to me, is when I’m driving. Unfortunately I think that may be slightly illegal and so I refrain from the urges, as much as it kills me to do so.

Writing with children – Being a mother is often referred to as a full time, I feel it is a morning, noon, night and every second in between job, and every time I’d try to get into the flow if writing I can guarantee i’d hear those angelic tones of distraction shouting “Mommy! can you play with us?” and who could say no to that!


So due to the fact I need to be in the right space mentally to write the way I want to, my perfect bubble, i’ve developed a few coping mechanisms to ensure I can meet my cravings and actually write something more than a paragraph or few sentences here and there. It doesn’t let me write as much as I want to but I’m working on it like my own mini world domination plan.


Night time rambling method – My mind is usually on overdrive for the twilight hours that most are slumbering and once all are asleep I can sneak down and escape into my own world immersing myself in whatever I’m creating. The only downside is eventually the sandman does track me down and i usually fall asleep laptop in hands at awkward angles probably slightly dribbling too. But some of my best work does tend to emerge then as long as I’m not too tired to get my momentum going.


The In between dreams method – This is my emergency method for when I’m desperate to write but surrounded by distractions, like right at this moment when a small child is poking me to ask if she can have a spiderman tattoo (don’t worry its temporary, or at least I think it is) I have these amazing noise cancelling headphones, so good in fact they can drown out a screaming parrot and I only notice someone if they poke me. I have a husband on duty (mostly except when it comes to giving permission for said spiderman tattoos) and the amazing Jack Johnson in between dreams album. Everyone tends to have a particular album or song that they can just get into that perfect moment with, this is mine. No matter the day or whats going on around, a few minutes of his soothing tones and my fingers are floating along the keys like their dancing creating magic for me on my screen/ pages. I could write forever with him on repeat, if  i didn’t need to feed small child or relieve my bladder but oh well you cant have everything I suppose, its a start.


So find your place, your perfect solace that brings out your creativity and passion and cherish it whenever you can. Whether it be for writing, reading, creating art or anything else amazing that you love. Nurture it and don’t let anyone take it away from you. You never know when you’ll need it to escape into somewhere amazing.


So I’ve told you about my perfect bubble, what are yours?