It has been a while since my last blog, still not sure if anyone actually reads my ramblings but thought it was a good time to pop in and reflect. My brain gets kind of full sometimes and rather than explode I think its useful to unload a bit of the mayhem swirling round.

2017, a new year and so many possibilities ahead! I’m still trying to kick myself into gear as January seems to have me on a go slow, but i’m so excited for all that this year could hold!

I have just finished my 11th picture book, which is currently with the printers ( ready to be thrown at the world. An amazing little company in Wales that offers such great service and support for a range of needs. The new book is called Murphy and The Monsters and its being released on the 21st Feb 2017 in true Monster style with a party of course!

I’ve been working on the concept for Murphy and The Monsters for about 18 months now and with the magic of Holly Bushnell illustrations ( we’ve finally brought him in to existence. Its been such an amazing process to see him come to life and watch his story grow and evolve.

I wanted to create a story where monsters didn’t have to just be scary or mean, where they could be vulnerable too and even need help from time to time. I also wanted to show that normal little boys and girls can believe in big things, and that their imagination didn’t need to be defined by what adults told them was or wasn’t real, and so Murphy was created and his Monsters followed not too far behind!

I want my children and other children too to be able to have limitless imaginations, be able to believe that they can achieve great things and I think the stories we create for them play such an important part of this. They need to know its ok not to be perfect every time, that is good to daydream and that ordinary can be extraordinary too.

This is the first book i’ve designed myself, so its been a huge learning curve for me both technologically and personally! This is just the first in the new series and i’m epically excited to see what adventures lie ahead for Murphy. The last three years writing and storytelling have been such a rollercoaster adventure and i’ve learnt so much, met so many amazing people and grown immensely, but theres still so much more out there to learn and do!

But I can’t do it alone and I don’t have too! I’m so grateful for organisations like the SCBWI ( who I would highly recommend to anyone looking at writing or illustrating for children to join, their amazing. And also support like that my editor BeyondBooksMedia (  is completely invaluable in ensuring I am the trying to be the best that I can 🙂

Im so excited (as you can probably tell!) about this new book and I’ve even had some reviews back about already the book, so i’ve attached the links from the kind reviewers Liverpool Sound and Vision and The Barefooted Dandelion, thank you so much for taking the time 🙂

B.B. Taylor, Murphy And The Monsters. Book Review.


So if you feel like celebrating with me and sharing some cake Murphy and The Monsters book launch will be at Birmingham Waterstones on Tuesday 21st February 2017 2pm, there will be Monsters, there will be stories and there will be cake… what more can I say 🙂 The more the merrier!