The past can hold so many memories and emotions for us, especially from our childhoods. One of my fondest memories was visiting the theatre as a child. We didn’t have much money and it was a huge treat each year that I eagerly anticipated. Seeing my favourite books brought to life on the stage was about as magical as it could get for me.

The most memorable was of course The fantastic Mr Fox, a firm favourite in my bank of child hood memories. I can remember entering the majestic theatre, with its velvet royal feel. Sitting eagerly in my seat and the excitement as the curtains drew back and the magic began.

So imagine my joy when I won a set of Tickets on Twitter to return to that very theatre that had brought so much magic to my childhood.

The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham first opened its doors in 1913 as Britain’s first ever Repertory Theatre and has been providing magic on the stage ever since then. Still retaining most of its original charm and design that I feel gives it a magic all of its own.

On a chilly Saturday afternoon, after battling through the traffic of a bustling Birmingham City Centre we arrived at the entrance, exactly how I still remembered it from my childhood. As we entered we were greeted by a team of very professional and happy looking people directing people accordingly.

Once we had picked up our tickets for our showing of “We’re going on a bear hunt” Squish, Boo and I eagerly ascended the stairs up to the theatre. We still had about 20 minutes before the show was to begin and a lovely lady informed us that there were pre show activities taking place, so with a very excited Squish we headed down to see what was going on.

A lovely company called Rokiel Entertainments, had a selection of wonderful bear related arts and crafts for us to take part in that we could take into the show. Squish very enthusiastically began colouring and cutting and sticking with the help of the lovely ladies hosting the crafts. She created a bear mask (to blend in with the bears of course!) A set of sparkly binoculars to help her spot the bears in the distance and a little bear puppet that could dance throughout the show. She was very happy to say the least.

After thanking the ladies and a quick pre show bathroom trip we took our seats high up in the auditorium with a fantastic view of the stage. The lights dimmed and the show began …

Filled with songs and laughter and very welcoming of children joining, the show adapted the much loved Michael Rosen Book with its own very unique twist. Using puppets and music and variety of props the actors wholehearted threw themselves into the performance provided a captivating show thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, and as I glanced around the theatre I think I could safely say the same of many of the parents and children I could see all dancing and singing along happily in their seats grinning.

As the performance sadly came to an end and we slowly vacated our seats still singing the story squish turned to me and said. “Can we please come back again and see another show please mommy?” and my reply? “Of course Squish.”

And hopefully Squish will have a childhood filled with as many magical memories of this theatre as I do!


Thank you to the Old Rep Theatre for a magical afternoon, from myself Squish and Boo xxx