So, in the spirit of keeping up my blog, and because I had such a fun day on Saturday, I thought I would check in and update you all about my weekend!


This weekend I had been invited to attend the Feel The Force Day convention,  in the West Midlands, as a Guest Author. The convention is the only one of its kind that I know of that is completely accessible and inclusive, so I was honoured to be invited to attend as their guest.


Feel The Force Day has been running very successfully for the last few years in Peterborough getting bigger and bigger and this year was their first event in the West Midlands. Operated by Sarah, JJ and the rest of their amazing team they provide an open and accessible convention that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages and interests. A chance to get dressed up, have fun, even meet actors from some of the most icon tv and film from around the world.


They were even kind enough to invite Yoshi my Yeti to come as well as long as he was on his best behaviour! (He was very excited about meeting lots of new people!)


I will admit, I was a little nervous at sitting with some of film and tv’s most iconic figures being the tiny Children’s Author I am, I was sure nobody would want to come and talk to me when they could meet the likes of Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf and Brian Wheeler from Never Ending Story, some of my favourite shows of all time. But I was made to feel so welcome by everyone from the moment I arrived, that any nerves quickly left the building.


And what a day Yoshi and I had! I couldn’t believe it. We met olympic gold medalist Deborah Johnson, who once managed to win a race with a puncture! she even let me hold her medals. I got to sit next to the incredibly lovely Norman Lovett for the day, not only one of the funniest men i’ve had the pleasure of meeting but also the nicest too. And thats without mentioning all the other lovely stars that were there including Matthew Dale from Dr who, Mel Pickup from Star Wars and even Miltos Yerolemou from Game Of Thrones. You name it they were there! And they were definitely having fun too, there was lots of hair accessories and face painting, and that was just with the guys. Such great fun.





But the stars weren’t the only highlight of the day. The Feel The Force Day Team pulled out all the stops to ensure their first event in Telford was a great starter for more to come. From sensory tables you could touch props at, and making galaxies with Empathy uk, to the awesome cosplayers in their epic costumes interacting with everyone, right through to the photo booths and animals, there was even giant dinosaurs! how could I forget a T-rex called Pete who farts at people! what more could you ask for?


Yoshi and I met so many lovely new people, we read stories, talked about pokemon … lots and even signed some books for our new young friends that we were so honoured to meet. Loads of new faces and fantastic new friends to share our stories with, including Ollie, Joshua, Faith, Faith, (yes we had the pleasure of two lovely Faith’s) Jacob and Robbie to name a few! Yoshi even got himself lots of hugs and pictures with all his new fans!


So whether you’re a comic book fan, a follower of star wars or just like getting dress up and having fun, The Feel The Force Day Team make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable for a fun day all round.


And of course I can’t forget to say thank you to my young assistant Jacob, who helped me throughout the day. An avid pokemon fan he looked after Yoshi and I all day keeping us company and helping us meet lots of new people, couldn’t have done it without him 🙂


Check out the links below and show your support in any way you can to this amazing event and all the work they do! If you were at the day and met Yoshi and I feel free to send us your pictures and we’ll add them to our fan zone. We love making new friends!