As always my blogs are random and never regular. A bit of a reflection on the person typing at the moment … Oh wait that’s me.


So to make up for it today I’m writing two. Yes TWO! aren’t you lucky 😉


This is number One …


So I do apologise if you have been eagerly awaiting my blog update with excited suspense, but i’m here now and that’s what counts. Well actually I’m sat on the sofa wrapped in a warm duvet with a hot water bottle, but i’m in the spirit which is the main objective (I Think)


Sooooooo where to begin …

What have I been up to since my last post …

Wait when was my last post? (goes to check…. whoops August!)


There has been A LOT going on since then from Monsters to Zombies to Cake and all, it’s been an exciting few months so lets reflect on a few of the highlights ….


August was a month of travelling, touring and tea, lots of tea (with 3 sugars.) From London to Liverpool and back again I was literally everywhere, and it often felt like I was in two places or more at once. The summer was amazing, and my favourite part was touring the libraries. I love libraries (I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but if I haven’t LIBRARIES ARE AWESOME!!!) As an Author I guarantee you won’t find a more supportive or welcoming bunch of people than librarians. They are like an Autors hidden unpaid (but very much appreciated) PR team. They promote you to their clients, especially the really short ones, they get you crowds (so you feel like a rock star!) And they even make you cake! (see below … Although tea and biscuits is also welcomed!) Such an untapped resource of so many generally nice and lovely people that I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and they always make me feel so welcomed and happy when I go to see them.







September was a whirlwind in which I wore many imaginary hats and a few real ones too!

From starring in Bollywood films to BBC tv shows… I say starring, what I actually mean is if you stare really hard you may see me for half a second in a scene as a background person, but being in films and TV as an extra background artist is so much fun and I get so many ideas for stories with the people I meet and I even get to dress up sometimes!

Then back to the writing world and I was living it up with the stars of the literary world at the launch for Maz Evans new book Simply the Quest. If you haven’t heard of Maz where have you been living under a rock? (I wrote a poem about a rock …. it features in my next blog. He’s called Phil) Anyway back to the hurricane that is Maz! An unstoppable force of story telling, she brings you Greek Gods in a way you will never forget and her launch party didn’t fail to match. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for the gossip on her amazing books coming up in the next few weeks 🙂 And make sure you follow her on twitter she’s fab!

And then…… drum roll please …….

I was invited back to the Feel The Force Day Convention in Peterborough with Yoshi the Yeti. From Famous tv and Film stars, to costumers and interactive events Feel the Force Day is the only convention of its kind specialising in an open and accessible event. Make sure you check them out. I got to meet so many lovely stars and guests. And Yoshi was on top form throughout 😉

October, my favourite month of the year saw me release not one but two new books in the space of a week! Yoshi was very excited to see his second book Murphy and the Monsters Itch come to life at Waterstones Birmingham on Saturday 21st October 2017 with lots of games and cake. With lots of touring the following week we then headed up to Write Blend in Liverpool to see the launch of my very first chapter book! Squeal! No it’s not called squeal it’s called Z.I.R.M The Zombie International Rights Movement. Zombies are overworked underpaid and falling apart, but can vampire Rhaul do anything to change society and end oppression in Yomi? An amazing party was had by all with cakes and celebrations.


And then we come to November From appearing at the National Pet Show, to opening an Ice Rink  with a Yeti and Santa the month has not failed to keep me busy. Yoshi and I even got to ride the big wheel together, it was a first for them and us apparently. If you do get chance and your in Birmingham go and check it out, an inner city winter wonderland with something for everyone to do!

But the highlight of my year has to be the annual SCWBI conference in Winchester.

A yearly event over 3 days for writers and illustrators to come together to learn, share ideas and grow. It is also a time where writers and illustrators can celebrate their achievements and accomplishments and this year one of my dreams came true! I got to be part of the MBL Mass book launch which celebrates books by members that have come out that year!

Murphy and The Monsters was one of those books and I even got to go on stage and get my book on the cake! It may seem silly to some, but to be able to stand up on that stage with authors and illustrators I look up to and admire was one of the best feelings in the world and reminded me my journey still has so many adventures ahead, with all of my friends right beside me!



So i’ll be back again at some point with some more rambling blogs, in the meantime if your missing me remember you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Youtube! For competitions, updates and random rambling from yours truly!